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As a provincial-level key lab with area of 1500 square meters, we own a variety of analysis and testing equipment over 100 sets in total, including raw material analyzer for incoming quality inspections, battery cell testers for electrical and safety performance tests, and metering outfits for calibration of measuring implements. These are the hardware facilities we rely on to control and ensure the quality of materials input and products output.

    Physicochemical Property Characterization Lab  


       Physicochemical property characterization lab mainly undertake analysis and measurements of raw materials such as cathode and anode active material and their auxiliary material, electrolyte, separators, pouch film and so on. 

       Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS)

       Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

       AUTOLAB Electrochemical Workstation

       Inductivity Coupled Plasma

       Laser Particle Analyzer

       Specific Surface Area (BET)

       Coin Cell Charge and Discharge Instrument

       Micro-moisture Meter

       Separator Mechanical Strength Tester


    Battery Cell Performance Test Lab  


      With charge-discharge equipment and constant temperature thermotank, battery cell performance test lab possesses ability to test electrical performance like cycle life and charge-discharge performance at different specific ambient temperature. In addition, the lab has equipped with a series of test machine following methods of UL1642 and UN38.3 regulations.

       high-precision battery testing equipment / high and low temperature box

       Battery Needle Tester / Battery Squeeze Tester

       High current short circuit testing machine

       Heavy Impact Tester

       Battery magnetic vibration test bench

       Thermal shock test chamber
       Battery burning test machine
       Battery drop test machine

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