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Listening • Blue Voice | Cube holds a symposium for young employees!

Release date:2020-05-25 Source:This site Views:2116

   Cube was established in 2013. As a young company, the employees are mostly young people. More than 90% of the company's employees are post-90s. To celebrate the arrival of the May 4th Youth Day, build a communication platform between young employees and leaders of the decision-making level, listen to the voices of young people, and gather young people's strength. On the afternoon of May 4, Cube New Energy's "May Fourth Youth Day Symposium for Young Employees" The VIP meeting room on the first floor was held.


Leaders attending this symposium are Cu Jian, General Manager Tu Jian, and Zhao Yi, Deputy General Manager. Head of Human Resources Department and9Ming Guan Peisheng participated in the seminar on behalf of the company's newly recruited young employees in the past two years, talked about the company's reform and development, and talked about the construction of the young team.


At the meeting, employee representatives spoke freely and put forward ideas and suggestions on career planning, ideas and suggestions for company management, how to strengthen the company's talent training work, how to improve the company's employee happiness index and personal work life feelings.

General Manager Tu Jian said: Cube as everyone's first work towards society, thank you for your support and dedication to Cube. For the personnel training and salary issues that everyone pays more attention to, the company will establish a "research institute" with cubic characteristics, and build a series of professional courses around the basic principles of lithium batteries, development and design, process production, engineering equipment, market operations, industry development, etc System, strengthen the learning and communication of employees, and help the career development of talents.


At the same time, a special training plan for the current management and training students will be formulated to improve the comprehensive competence of the current and previous management students. Organize internal and external salary surveys, formulate reasonable improvement plans for existing problems, and gradually meet everyone's needs.


General Manager Tu Jian said that with the rapid development of Cube in recent years, it will also face more competition and challenges. It is hoped that the company's young employees will have the courage to try, dare to challenge, improve efficiency, and make breakthroughs in all dimensions of technology, cost, and quality. The company is


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