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    Heavy "core" reunion | Welcome Hubei employees to return to work

    Release date:2020-05-25 Source:This site Views:2151

      "It's difficult to capture the Daochun Spring, and the sun is shining after the clouds." Ten employees of Cube New Energy Hubei who were blocked at home by the epidemic returned to work smoothly. On the morning of April 3, the welcome ceremony for Hubei returning employees was held in the company, and Deputy General Manager Zhao Yi attended.


    Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the safety of colleagues in the epidemic area of Hubei has always been a concern of the people in the cube. Cube New Energy2month7On the day of resumption of work, in addition to employees of Hubei nationality, employees have returned to their posts one after another; company leaders and employees are at their posts, they are close to E-employees, and they interact with E-employees through various methods to comfort and comfort them. Backing.

    At the welcome ceremony, the company's deputy general manager Zhao Yi made a speech and expressed a warm welcome to the resumption of work for Hubei employees on behalf of all the company's staff, and sent a red envelope for resumption of work. He hopes that the returning employees can work hard with the company in the next work and life, resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control battle, and co-founder Fang Growth and the company's performance have a good harvest.

    On behalf of returning employees from Hubei, Du Zhenkun expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels of the company and members of the relevant welcome ceremony group, and thanked the cubic company and all employees for their care and acceptance. Under the epidemic situation, Hubei Province seems to be covered with a layer of "enchantment." Although he has been working from home, he has never stopped communicating with colleagues. With the staged victory of the epidemic, we have been able to return to the arms of the cubic family after we have lifted the ban, and it feels good to return to work!

    This welcoming ceremony made Hubei employees who met again a few months after the separation felt the company's care deeply and were very excited. When the epidemic was rampant, the cube worked together to fight against the epidemic. When the epidemic situation generally slowed down, the cube opened a warm embrace and greeted and paid tribute to Hubei employees who made great contributions to fighting the epidemic.

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