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    [Cubic News] Fire emergency, we are in action!

    Release date:2020-01-02 Source:This site Views:1851
           Nothing is trivial to life, fire fighting is not a game, and prevention is not "burning", we are in action!

           At 17:30 pm on October 31, our emergency team specially conducted a fire emergency drill, and members of the emergency team participated in the drill.
           During the class, Zou security team and Tang Gong of the Ministry of Security introduced the trolley-type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher in front of them. It was emphasized that in order to operate this type of fire extinguisher, fire gloves must be worn to prevent carbon dioxide frostbite. The team members demonstrated once , The group members also stepped forward to the practical experience.
           Through this fire emergency drill, the company's fire safety publicity was strengthened, all employees cared about life and paid attention to fire safety awareness, and improved the ability of all employees to deal with fire emergency incidents and self-protection and mutual rescue fire fighting capabilities, to It achieved the expected results and was recognized by employees.
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