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   Quality Principle  

We adhere to the concept of “quality first”, this is the core concept of cubic quality.
To become a new generation of green energy provider, Li FUN is duty-bound.

  Quality Policy  



Automatic process are applied. Active material slurry input and output are controlled by automatic machine thus produce efficiency and accuracy are enhanced.


Slot-die coating machines with key parts manufactured by Panasonic are introduced to insure the consistency of material coated. Production efficiency and material utilization are siginicantly improved with coating speed of 25 meters/min and X-ray & Beta-ray online weight inspection system. 


Calendering pressure is precisely adjustable. Thickness consistency is online inspected by laser system, tolerance is controlled within +/- 3μm. Measured data can be stored and traced.


High precision machine can slit electrodes with a speed of 60 meters per minute.


Automatic winding machine can realize raplidly producing and CCD appearance inspection and Hi-pot inpection in the mean time.


Integrated automatice assemly line has involved mutiple traditional process that were separated in the past. Labor and time are saved while quality and consistency are enhanced.

Electrolyte Injection

The weight of electrolyte injected into every single battery cell are precisely controlled and recorded, futhermore, the data were linked with the unique barcode of each cell and can be traced in the MES system after the battery cell is shipped out years later.

8.Formation / Capacity

Sophisticated automatic PIEF equipments are adopoted to realize high efficient production. All the values of voltage and charged capacity can be stored and traced in the MES system.


Automatic degassing line can input and output by robot arms. Electrolyte loss weight can be automatic measured and calculated by the system, and are linked with cell barcode then stored in the MES system.

OCV Inspection

Open circuit voltage, dimension, shaping and sorting were automatically operated by robot arms. Information are also stored and can be traced by barcode in the MES system. That helps us to make sure that every battery cell can meet the quality expectations from our customers.


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