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Li Fun Technology was founded in Zhuzhou on November 28th, 2013. We use advanced and innovative technologies to customize Li-ion battery products for CE / EV / ESS users worldwide. With more than 1000 employees, we develop innovative chemistry combinations and then industrialize them so as to realize boosting the performance and safety of Li-ion batteries.

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  • Year 2020 year

    ·March—The energy storage type lithium sodium battery production R & D base project officially started

  • Year 2019year

    ·February—enter the ZT supplier system

    ·March—Through Hunan Province “Green Factory” creation plan

    ·12 months ago—Graphene supercapacitor is expected to be mass-produced

  • Year 2018year

    ·September—Entered the supplier list of Kyocera Corporation in Japan

  • Year 2017year

    ·March—Power battery obtained international certification

    ·July—Strategic cooperation with the British company Zapgo on the graphene supercapacitor project

  • Year 2016year

    ·April-Enter Tesla, GM AVL

  • Year 2015year

    ·August—Research and development cooperation with the University of Warwick

    ·October—Research and development cooperation with Argonne National Laboratory

  • Year 2014year

    ·February—R & D cooperation with 3M

    ·April—Cubes first battery officially launched

  • Year 2013year


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